If your organisation is delivering change projects and programmes, then are you investing in the one thing which could make the difference between success and failure?

At Transforming Change we focus on increasing your chance of successful delivery by equipping the Leaders in your business with the skills and knowledge they need to bring the same level of excellence to the delivery of Change as they do to the delivery of Business as Usual.

We work alongside you throughout your delivery journey offering a unique mix of coaching, mentoring, workshop sessions and hands-on consulting to enable you to learn quickly and benefit from our experience. Whether you need deeper knowledge to hold your suppliers to account, a better understanding of how to manage the impact of change on your people or confidence to move faster towards your delivery goals then we can help.

Our people have a wealth of experience delivering transformational change programmes with budgets from £20m - £500m. We combine this delivery knowledge with the latest thinking from neuroscience and business psychology to find the best ways to ensure your success.

Ultimately strong leadership of change is the difference between success and failure, executing your strategy and reaping benefits, maintaining or losing reputation and customer loyalty and wisely spending or wasting £m’s.